The Pereira Family

The Pereira family has always lived with an open-door policy. In every home they have created, Kathy and Rui Pereira have cultivated an environment that is welcoming and nourishing. Running a Bed and Breakfast has been a life-long dream for the couple, and no other marriage could be better suited for the job.

Kathy’s renowned ability to connect with strangers and meet every person with joy and grace fills the Marmora Inn with warmth. She’s the person who makes friends while buying milk at a grocery store. Kathy has a deep love for gardening and preserving, her endless generosity most often results in visitors leaving with arms full of vegetables and caned goodness. There’s depth here too: Kathy loves to read and discuss both classic and modern literature; she’s also prone to soulful conversations and sharing life-stories. Following a life-long carer as a Legal Secretary at a Toronto law firm, Kathy is happy to have escaped the hustle of King St and is enjoying the quietude of Marmora. If you catch Kathy at the Inn, we guarantee she’ll plant a smile on your face.

Rui is more of a reclusive type, as so many artists are. While humble and rather quiet, Rui’s talents are bold and beautiful. As our in-house chef and carpenter, it is Rui’s taste, character and design that create the classic ambiance of the Inn. Rui’s culinary career began in Toronto during the 70’s, where he was trained in classical French cooking. His extraordinary gift for flavour and his mastery of the craft, often leave guests surprised to find world-class standards in such a small Ontario town. Rui also has a passion for literature, he is an art collector, and lover of all things vintage. His dedication to detail, his devotion to delicious food, and his love for fine-dining, has marked the Marmora Inn as a truly distinct destination.

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Meet The Pereiras

The Girls

Known as “The Girls”, sisters Natasha and Laura are proud daughters of Kathy and Rui; The Girls both played a significant role in the founding and development of the Inn and continue to have a presence today.

From day one, Natasha has been involved in supporting the establishment of the Marmora Inn dream. She shares her father’s love for hospitality and while she will rarely admit it, she’s a stellar baker- it’s Natasha’s Carrot Cake you’ll find on our dessert menu. In the earlier years, Natasha lived and worked at the Marmora Inn alongside her parents, she still drops by when she’s not busy working as a Legal Assistant. Natasha’s attention to detail and organizational passion still bewilders her baby sister. The Pereira family takes great pride in Natasha’s presence in the non-profit field. Between 2007 and 2014, Natasha was a Crew Captain for the Ontario Ride to Conquer Cancer, currently she is a volunteer Executive Assistant to the Director of Random Acts. While currently based in Toronto, Natasha is a country-girl at heart, she has inherited her mother’s generosity and her father’s humbleness.

Occupied with cultivating her own entrepreneur spirit and love for academia, Laura joined the family business a lot later than her big sister. Between 2008 and 2015, Laura was founding and directing charitable organization, Children of Light, while simultaneously attaining an undergraduate degree. Laura studied International Development and Professional Writing at York University in Toronto.

Following graduation, Laura had a defining moment when she realized that being in the kitchen brought her joy like nothing else. After seven years of charitable service, Laura decided to take a sabbatical and pursue her love for culinary. Working seasonly as a Pastry & Sous Chef in luxury lodges, Laura currently lives in remote and incredibly beautiful areas of British Colombia; like her sister, she loves the country-life. In-between contracts, she travels internationally and also enjoys connecting with her family in Ontario. She is so honoured to be following in her Father’s footsteps, and despite the distance, learning his craft. Laura recently joined the family business as a marketing and social media developer, she is also author of the Marmora Inn Blog, “A Delicate Conviction.” Laura is excited to combine her love for story telling and her passion for creativity to help develop the Marmora Inn through community connections.

Meet The Girls